“I suffer from a painful chronic condition, the symptoms of which are triggered by certain foods and beverages. Correction: my symptoms are triggered by my FAVORITE foods and beverages. Megan provided me with an incredible amount of information that she had researched prior to our appointment. Not only that, but she walked me through this information until it was understandable and accessible to me. Megan worked patiently on options that were possible for me as a busy grad student, and when I explained that I was (very) challenged in the kitchen, she took me grocery shopping, helped me pick the best products, and gave excellent and easy meal and recipe options. In other words, she went above and beyond to make sure I was successful in the plan she laid out for me. Since meeting with Megan and utilizing the tools she gave me, I am seeing vast improvement in my pain levels and overall quality of life. I would highly recommend Megan Wroe to anyone looking for caring and knowledgeable nutrition guidance, no matter what your personal needs.”  Erin M.


“Megan came into our lives when my father’s illness turned for the worse.  My dad was overweight, had type 2 diabetes and never had great eating habits. Within the last 4 years, however, my dad’s liver also began to deteriorate and he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. He was in and out of different hospitals and we saw numerous doctors who each gave us different treatments. We tried holistic treatment, acupuncture, all organic diet and no diet at all. When we were finally referred to UCLA Liver Transplant Unit, my dad was added to the transplant list, but by fall of 2012, his liver started failing and he was hospitalized for about a month. He came home just in time for Thanksgiving, but a week later he was back in the hospital until Christmas. We were told numerous times that my father’s body could no longer process food the right way. He was going downhill and fast. I prayed for 3 things that month: for my dad to get better, to find the right team of doctors and to find a dietitian that could help him. Then we met Megan. Megan was heaven-sent. When she heard about our story, she was quick to do her research on my dad’s condition, previous treatments, medications, and multiple diagnoses and within a week (while my dad was still in the hospital) she met with my mother and me. She worked around our schedule since we were constantly in the hospital with my dad. She met us at a coffee shop late Sunday evening two days before Christmas. Megan was able to provide us with information on how to better handle my father’s diabetes, failing liver and faltering kidneys. After our meeting she provided us with a new diet plan for my dad that to this day is laminated and taped to our fridge. But aside from my dad’s meal plan, the most important thing Megan gave us was hope. She was one of the only people who told us that dad had hope in surviving. And when you feel helpless, scared, and overwhelmed, hope becomes the only thing you really want.”  -Jinger A.


“When I first contacted Megan, I was at my wit’s end. I felt that I had tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work. I answered her questions honestly and she came to me very prepared. Megan educated me about healthy eating and made me realize that the ‘healthy choices’ I thought I was making, were not necessarily so. She devised a meal plan for me and gave great suggestions/alternatives to refine my eating habits. I am now cooking differently, so when I need some expertise on ingredients or portion size, I often rely on Megan for feedback. She always gets back to me in a timely manner and is so knowledgeable and supportive. She also advised a workout regimen for my needs. With Megan’s overall guidance, I have lost 6lbs already (less than 2 months!) and am feeling better than ever. I have, and will, recommend Megan to anyone looking for any sort of dietary help. She is a true professional and has exceeded my expectations!”  -Jenn F.